We believe that one good product can change your life forever.

In a cold world, Kuckian promises warmth to those who seek it - for the consumer, a truly elite experience; cosmetics made to the highest standard, using only the most expensive ingredients, delivered in a bespoke packaging experience.

The Kuckian Publication celebrates the worlds best Makeup Artists, Product Photographers, Product Designers and more - without prejudice against following, age, race, gender or sexuality. The focus is strictly on talent, and nothing else. 100% of the profits generated from sales of The Kuckian Publication are donated to The Kuckian Foundation.

The Kuckian Foundation aims to deliver health care, education, clean water, nutrition and more to small communities around the globe. We approach issues with a scientific perspective, focusing on anthropology as a means to make educated decisions for the best outcome. The Kuckian Foundation is in it's early stages, and all progress will be shared as it comes

Kuckian ships internationally. We stock our products across Europe, The United States of America, Canada and Australia. Your order may be sent from another country if insufficient stock is available in your country. Please note - we do not control and are not responsible for customs charges your country may inflict.