Kuckian is the world's first publication dedicated solely to showcasing the finest makeup artistry, product design and beauty photography, with all profits generated from sales donated exclusively to The Kuckian Foundation.

Cycle 1 of the publication is due to launch early 2019.

Publication Roles

We are looking for the exceptional.

Professional experience is not required, but  refined creative performance, team and communication skills are essential. Your location of residency is no issue, but fluency in both written and verbal English is required.

These roles rely heavily on communication skills and expanding your own network within the beauty industry.

Kuckian bears no bias or prejudice towards age, race, influence, gender or sexuality. Profits from sales are donated to charity, all roles operate on a volunteering basis.

Each term lasts 3 months.



Editor In Chief




Senior Beauty Editor

Coordination and sourcing of Beauty Art Directors and Designers, working closely with Editor In Chief.

Senior Product Editor

Coordination and sourcing of Product Photography Directors and Designers, working closely with Editor In Chief.

Features Editor

Responsible for sourcing Features content, delivering quality and fact checking, ensuring stories are engaging, relevant and informative.


Beauty Art Directors

Responsible for sourcing the Beauty related art work to be featured in the publication.

Product Art Directors

Responsible for sourcing the Product related art work to be featured in the publication.


Responsible for designing the publication under Art Directors, Editors and Editor In Chiefs supervision, and in accordance with their instructions. A strong background in relevant software and a passion for editorial layouts is essential.

Legal & Proof

Understanding and ensuring the publications compliance with media law and industry ethical guidelines, proof reading the publication, working closely with Editors and Editor In Chief.  A background in law is essential.

To apply, please include your CV, Link to Portfolio and Cover Letter to, along with any other relevant material, with 'Publication Application' and Your Desired Role in the Subject area. It is worth noting that Editor roles are much more competitive and offer less creative freedom than Art Director roles. The ability to effectively time manage, organise and meet deadlines is essential.





Questions to consider for your Cover Letter:

  •     •  What can you offer Kuckian?

  •     •  What sets you above other candidates?

  •     •  Why this role?

  •     •  What do you hope to gain?




Please limit your CV to 2 sides, Cover letter to ¾ of a side and optional portfolio to 20 images, linked externally.


Good grammar and spelling is essential. Please include links to social media accounts if relevant.


Please note that due to a high volume of applications, we are unable to notify candidates or provide feedback for unsuccessful applications. This process is extremely competitive and being unsuccessful means you were not right for this particular job and should not reflect negatively on your confidence or self worth.




The successful completion of a term is marked with a celebration and reference written personally by the Editor In Chief.




Good luck.