Our Liquid Velvet Lipsticks apply as a liquid, but quickly set to form a long-lasting, weightless velvet finish. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

KEROSENE can be described as an acidic teal, and is very different to other shades on the market. The shade was inspired by and named after the aviation fuel Kerosene used in planes around the world. Kerosene when inhaled or consumed is toxic and can be fatal (the fuel, not our lipstick!) and this provided a starting point for our color development.


Kerosene's structural formula is delicately illustrated on the limited edition packaging (because science is sexy). When you wear this lipstick we want you to feel indestructible, explosive, toxic and deadly.

PREP - To unlock the true potential of Kuckian's Liquid Velvet formula, exfoliate lips to remove any dead skin and apply a little moisturizer. This will make sure the lipstick looks smooth.

APPLY - Remove any excess moisturizer by kissing the back of your hand, then apply a thin layer of liquid lipstick over the lip and allow to set for 1 minute - don't press lips together during this time! The formula is very pigmented and a little goes a long way, so apply a single, light layer to avoid dryness or texture

ADAPT & MAINTAIN - Our Liquid Velvets won't 'fill in' lip wrinkles in the same way traditional lipsticks will. If your lips are very textured, try leaving a little extra moisturizer on them before applying the lipstick.

Other Liquid Lipsticks dry to form a layer which can crack and break away in chunks which is not cute - our formula is different because it applies super thin and doesn't form a peel-able film.

Removal is easy with a good water-proof makeup cleanser. An organic alternative is coconut oil, which will melt the product away.

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