Pro Tips

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To unlock the true potential of Kuckian's Liquid Velvet formula, exfoliate lips to remove any dead skin and apply a little moisturizer. Your new Kuckian lipstick feels light, less drying than you would expect from a velvet, and is packed with nourishing skincare - with a little prep your lipstick will last all day!



Remove any excess moisturizer by kissing the back of your hand, then apply a thin layer of liquid lipstick over the lip and allow to set for 45 seconds - don't press lips together during this time! The formula is very pigmented and a little goes a long way, so apply a single, light layer for best results and to avoid creating dryness and texture!



Top-ups are fine, but not usually necessary! If your lips are very textured, try leaving a little extra moisturizer on them before applying the lipstick. This will slightly reduce the wear-time, but greatly reduces the appearance of textured lips. If your lips are heavily textured, such as on very mature skin, try mixing a touch of lipstick with your moisturizer to create an ultra-nourishing lip tint!



To remove, exfoliate your lips with cleansing solution designed to remove water-proof makeup. If you're looking for makeup cleanser suggestions, we personally recommend Johnsons Makeup Wipes or Decléor Micellar Water, but coconut oil can be used too!




If you need help, please don't hesitate to contact us - we are here to help!