Stolen Kuckian Stock Surfaces Online

Kuckian Lovers,


It's been brought to our attention that an unknown retailer is attempting to sell STOLEN Kuckian stock. This product is Out Of Edition and none of our retailers are selling this product. If you have any information, we ask you please contact us directly and also contact your local police force. 


All Kuckian packaging specifically states "THIS PRODUCT CAN BE SOLD ONLY BY AUTHORIZED KUCKIAN RETAILERS" and the company attempting to sell these products is NOT an authorized retailer and we have very serious concerns about the products being past their 'Use By' date. These products are strictly "Out of Edition" and none of our retailers currently carry the "3 Piece Lip Collection" product in any of it's variations. 


Please contact the Kuckian team via our "contact" section if you have any information.




We are now aware the stock has been dispersed to many smaller sellers (we've found 17 so far) and is being sold across a range of websites. This stock is past it's use-by date and we highly recommend you return the items for a refund or destroy them.




Thank you. 

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― John Kuckian