Tube Upgrades: Say Hello to the Future ✨

If you don't know the story of the Kuckian 'Liquid Velvet Supremé' lipstick tube, I think that's one for another blog post. Maybe even a video. We spent a really long time (around 2 years) working to make the perfect lipstick tube design. 


It's been nearly two years since we launched, and we are finally ready to make some minor revisions to our prized possessions!  Form meets function, the basic principles of good design.


Our tube needed to be heavy and luxurious, whilst also being easy to hold, easy to use, beautiful and recyclable (we care a lot about the environment). We spent an unimaginable amount of time producing prototypes using a wide range of molds, testing those tubes with vacuum tests, durability tests and so on before finally arriving at the crown jewels. 

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The two key modifications being trialed are:

  1. A new, sleek, black lipstick wand to replace the previous white wand

  2. A new, high-gloss black 'stopper' component to replace the previous clear piece. 

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1. Orange shows the new black lipstick wand, replacing the previous white lipstick wand and creating a more cohesive design.

  • The previous white accent wand was drawn from familiarity with the white accent seen on the perimeter of all Kuckian lipsticks outer packaging, a ray of light resembling a halo which highlights the shade of the product and creates an aura of exclusivity.  


2. Blue shows the previous clear 'stopper' we have been using since launch. Clear is used by 95%+ of brands, and if you check your favorite liquid lipsticks you'll probably see a clear stopper. Most customers don't notice that detail, but it usually blends in with the clear tube. However, our tube is made of many pieces, and the stopper is fitted to the center piece which has a chrome finish. 


3. Green shows the new and exciting black stopper. I know it's a tiny piece of a large puzzle, but I am confident that this tiny revision will make a dramatic impact on the user experience.

  • Black seems much more cohesive with the rest of the design, including it's gloss-black finish being matched to the new gloss-black lipstick wand.

  • Alongside the texture change, we use a different material for the black stopper and it retains much sharper edges than the clear piece - it's less flexible and much more sturdy. The sharper edges will work much better with the rest of the lipstick tube design. 


Overall this is a relatively small modification and I can't help but feel proud that we invested the time and capital creating the right component at the beginning, so we didn't require any drastic redesign later down the line. I also feel confident that as we approach the two year mark, we are in the very final stages of perfecting our Liquid Velvet Supremé experience. 

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