THE BIRTH OF BRUTE 2.0, in support of Ukraine

Hello darlings,

You may have noticed that BRUTE has been unavailable for a few months. 

As part of our dedication to continuously improving ourselves and our ongoing commitment to this planet, we ceased the purchasing of all pigment used in BRUTE from our pigment supplier in Russia.

We also ceased all retail relationships and international shipping to Russia at the same time, and made a donation toward supporting the people of Ukraine shortly after. 

We will not support the Russian Government by paying 20% sales tax on each sale we make in Russia during a time of war. We apologize to our Russian customers for the sudden unavailability of our products in stores and online, and we hope we can connect with you again one day soon. 

Whilst we gave BRUTE some downtime, we thought this would be the perfect time to evaluate your favorite formula and see if improvements could be made. 

We are so excited to announce that BRUTE 2.0 has finished production, and is on it's way to a warehouse or store near you. You can expect BRUTE 2.0 to restock in September 2022!

The new pigment used in BRUTE 2.0 is sourced exclusively from Italy, and of course is still 100% Vegan. 🇮🇹

milan italy

Photo taken during our Trip to Milan, whilst vetting our new supplier

Formula improvements in BRUTE 2.0 include increased wear-time and a lighter feeling on the lips. You'll forget you're wearing it due to a smaller pigment size providing a lighter feel, thinner application and higher pigmentation.

BRUTE may be resting in piece, but BRUTE 2.0 is back with vengeance and ready to empower you, as always.

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