Why ingredients are so important!

We're so committed to using the purest, highest quality ingredients because poor quality or "bad" ingredients can have a negative impact on your skin.

We've all seen the news stories of fake lipsticks sticking customers lips together! The truth is, a lot of underground labs and low-price brands simply don't have the $ margins to use high quality ingredients because they're simply too expensive.

We import the majority of the raw ingredients in our lipsticks from industry-leading suppliers in Germany & Japan. Our pigments are also produced almost exclusively in Italy.

Later this year we're launching some incredible complexion products, and during the innovation process we are focused on making such our products are not at all comedogenic, which is when they clog your pores and cause blackheads.

Luckily for lips, comedogenicity isn't too much of a concern as the type of skin here is different to the skin on your face (epidermis vs squamous epithelium, respectively). This is why we're formulating moisturizers specifically for your lips!


Read more on comedogenicity here



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